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The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

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Inspections Keep your Extinguishers Working

Performing quick inspections of your extinguishers on a monthly and yearly basis can go a long way in keeping your extinguishers working. It may seem like a waste of your time, but fire extinguishers can help you prevent a small fire from growing into a large fire that causes a lot of expensive damage to your property. Over time, fire extinguishers can become damaged without you realizing it. Regular inspections are necessary to be sure that your extinguisher will work when a fire breaks out.

Inspections for Code Compliance

NFPA standards require that your fire extinguishers be inspected on a regular basis. To remain code compliant, you should hire a fire protection professional to perform brief visual inspections on a monthly basis and a more in-depth inspection on a yearly basis.

Monthly Extinguisher Inspections

A monthly inspection of your extinguisher is a visual inspection that makes sure your extinguisher is charged and ready to use. During a monthly inspection make sure that:

  • The fire extinguisher is in the right place, well-marked, and easily accessible
  • The pressure gauge is showing the fire extinguisher is fully charged
  • The pin and tamper seal are intact
  • The fire extinguisher is not visibly damaged or corroded
  • Make sure nameplate and operating instructions are facing outward
  • Check the service tag on the extinguisher and sign and date to record the inspection

Yearly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Yearly fire extinguisher inspections are more in-depth inspections. On a yearly basis, fire extinguishers components must be checked to make sure they are working correctly. Yearly inspections include:

  • Check the extinguisher for damage to the exterior
  • Check the service date for six-year maintenance and hydro test.
  • Making sure the agent is loose and not settle.
  • Look at the pressure gauge to make sure it is charged and not leaking
  • Make sure the pull pin on the extinguisher works
  • Reseal the pull pin
  • Clean the fire extinguisher